Make Money With Blogging

Blogging is the great idea to earn money online.

You can start your blog with your ideas at a small fees for hosting and domains and then your idea comes into reality.

There are a lot of bloggers who are earning around 22 laces per month by blogging & you can make too. Just follow my guideline on how you can make a blog and earn money from it because a lot of people make mistakes when launching their blog and not gain success and blame that online business are useless but no that is total nonsense.

I'll guide you on how you can make your blog and how can you start earning from it.

First you have to decide a niche for your blog means category or topic of your blog.
( example: health & beauty blog, tech blog, WordPress tips blog, blogging tips & internet marketing blog etc... )

Now you have a question that "what if i write on multiple topics?"

So, My answer is no writing on multiple topic is not good idea, because you want to make money from blog so that you have to make a professional blog so when viewers come on to your blog find their interested topic & subscribe for your blog like you are writing on tech topic and also writing on pet care topics so when your tech topic subscriber receive your mail for pet care he's going to unsubscribe for your blog.

So, you have to focus on one topic first and engage your audience on blog by writing unique and attracted articles. I'll show you how to do that.

First decide a one topic because i explained above that writing on one toppic and getting targeted audionce have more chances of success. 

Steps To Attract Your Audience & Get More Visitors

1. Find & research about things which are searched by public and full fill them.

  So when you read "find & research" you are thinking that there is a lot of work to do. No! But you can do it easily at a smarter way. Did you hear about QUORA ? if not then quora is platform where peoples asking questions about their problems and get a answered by peoples who know the answer. So you have to find question on your topic for which question people are searching and then write a post on it.

2. Write attractive Titles For your Post.

   another way is you can attract customers is with attractive titles and you got a question on your mind how can you write an attractive title for your post. just think that your post is about making money online & your title is how to make money online instead of this you can write " 3 Best Online Business To Make Money Online " . So this title will be unique and attract more customers. But remember one thing i showd you just example as sparkel in your mind now you have get idea your self on your post titles according to your specific topics.